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Sewing is an amazing creative outlet and such a practical skill to have. Once you know the basics of sewing the possibilities are endless. It can be a great confidence builder, it challenges us to solve problems and think differently. In our fast paced world, full of digital distractions, taking time to slow down and create something with your hands can feel revolutionary.

School Holidays: Future Fashion Designers

School Holidays: Future Fashion Designers


Future Fashion Designers
- 2 days - Tuesday & Wednesday 1st & 2nd October - 9am-3pm - $125 - Sewing experience required.

In this workshop we will be exploring the process involved in creating clothes and what is involved in being a fashion designer. The aim is to create a piece of clothing or an outfit from scratch.

Day one will be spent finding inspiration, designing and prototyping our ideas. We will learn about patterns and how to create them. We will take feedback, adjust our designs, see how comfortable they are and see what works for each of us.

Day two will be about using the pattern we’ve made to create our designs in the real fabric. We will think about different techniques we can use to finish our garments, how we might style and accessorise them. We will finish the day with a photoshoot of our creations.

The girls will get to take home the clothing they have made and the patterns too so they can make them up again if they want to!

This workshop is open to any of my students who have done at least two terms of sewing with me or have equivalent experience. All equipment and materials are included, but students are also welcome to bring any of their own fabrics if they would like to use them instead.

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