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Sewing is an amazing creative outlet and such a practical skill to have. Once you know the basics of sewing the possibilities are endless. It can be a great confidence builder, it challenges us to solve problems and think differently. In our fast paced world, full of digital distractions, taking time to slow down and create something with your hands can feel revolutionary.

Sewing Class for Adults- Open Class

Sewing Class for Adults- Open Class


This is an open sewing class where everyone will spend the full 8 weeks working on their own projects. You will have access to any of my patterns. I will help you along, going through any skills and techniques that are relevant to your projects as well as providing key information about sewing patterns. This class does require you to be able to be confident and independent on the sewing machines. 

Mondays or Thursdays 6.35-8.35.
**Thursday class full with current students**

Classes run for 8 weeks. Class starts 5th/8th of August.

All machine use, basic calico materials and access to my patterns are included. Students often choose to bring in their own materials for working on their projects.

Full payment or a $50 deposit must be paid to secure a place in the class.
Please contact me if you would prefer to pay the deposit.

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